A drain or cost effective?


Alex Johnstone


November 11, 2023

Seen a few posts recently with people listing their subs. Thought I’d join in.

I really don’t like subscriptions, and would much rather pay once and be done with it. Once you join and commit, they have you, it can be hard to leave. The upside is that if you don’t like it, it’s minimal expense to stop. Photoshop used to be hundreds of pounds but now it’s just ten. Of course in those days, 30 day demos or similar were common. Anyway here goes (Monthly prices):

Total: £83.44 per month

That includes netflix increase, which will put it at 22% of the total, with TV licence next.

Other subscription services we use but only when free, generally via promos:

I debate about getting Apple One for 2TB of storage, music, TV, and to some extent apps. The kindle fires are ancient, and were $20 refurbs from 2018, but still going. However, at some stage I suspect they’ll die and we probably won’t replace them, but rather we’ll have enough hand-me-down iPads to take their place. This plus the likeihood our eldest will get a phone next year means that the free apps might be useful. The 2 TB of storage would be nice to then backup all my photos into and enjoy the benefit of that. TV is nice add-on, which I wouldn’t pay for separately. Music would be great if we could leave Spotify. We think Spotify is a better app to use, and works much better with streaming to our house speakers (powered by Google Chromecast audio). Better off paying for family spotify as I think everyone would rather have it. This just then makes Apple One not that worthwhile. If I want the photos back up then I should just pay the £7/m for the storage.

My wife does have yoga apps she subscribes to, not sure the current status of those but likely paid annually, and maybe there are some other annual things lurking that I’ve forgotten about.

So not too bad overall. I keep thinking about raising the subject of cancelling Netflix but it does get watched a lot by everyone.