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My favourite teapot 🫖

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Yes, I’m very fond of tea.

Sabinchi teapot and box
Sabinchi teapot and box

Like all favourites the real favourite always depends. It depends on the intent, at least for me. I suppose you could do a “of all time” or “best overall” style favourite. I think a common distinction is form over function. There are a lot of things that look great but are practically useless, even if - like a teapot - they should be used, they still may remain annoying.

So having said all that…I present the Sabichi classic stainless steel teapot.

It comes in a variety of sizes 720ml, 1300ml, and 1900ml, so big enough for even the largest tea drinking family. It’s also very reasonably priced at £16 for the medium sized one.

So why do I like it so much? It does the job very well: It has good capacity, it has a classic, timeless look and most importantly, it pours well. So many teapots have terrible spouts that drip or splash tea everywhere. I enjoy filling it up with 1.3 litres and then having several good sized mugs of tea. A teapot for one is fine but when visitors are around you don’t want to have to decide between a teabag per mug or tiny cups to use the tea pot.

The joys of working at home
The joys of working at home

It has been perfect for working at home when the children are also home. I could make a good amount of tea and hide away in the office working, and not be worried about coming out and upsetting whatever is going on because I’m parched.


I just worry that I should maybe buy a spare in case this one breaks…