My Setup


Desk Getting on a bit now, i5 2500K Sandy Bridge, 16GB RAM, SSD, Radeon 580. Newish 32" HP Omen 1440p 75Hz monitor. Keyboards...That needs a new page!



Thinkpad X230 with Arch Linux, XFCE


Lenovo TS140 ThinkStation, i3, 32GB RAM and 4x 4TB WD Red. Running Arch Linux and ZFS. For a couple of years I ran FreeBSD.


Work gives me an iPhone SE. Have a LG G3 kicking about too.


X100F Use a Fuji X100F when we're travelling or I want a discrete/lightweight camera. Have a Nikon D7200 for all other times.


A couple of Raspberry Pis about. One acting as DNS via pi-hole, the other varies between RetroPie emulator box, and general purpose linux box.

Also have a i3 NUC that isn't doing anything. Used to use it as a PVR with over the air TV. Windows 7 had Windows Media Center that worked pretty well for PVR and pulled channel listings - that was axed in Windows 10.

I really like my Kindle Paperwhite. I started a list of the books I've read.

Previous Hardware


Never really liked laptops before then, always preferred a desktop.


First, and previous server was a HP Microservr NL40, with 4x2 TB drives running Ubuntu server, then later Arch Linux. Tried out FreeNAS but prefered linux.

Prior to running my i5 2500K build, my desktop was an Athlon 64 X2 4400+. This was one of the first dual core CPUs from somewhere around 2005/2006. I upgraded as it really was CPU bound and even with a new graphics card I couldn't play Skyrim (which I'd just received for my birthday in 2011). Prior to the 4400+, I don't remember what CPU I had...I remember buying a huge aluminium Thermaltake case which was probably expensive and I hated it immediately.

We had a couple of computers from companies like Tiny and Time back in ~1996. They were probably horrible and overpriced but no-one in my family knew anything about them. I vaguely remember the flyers and special deals that the salesman would try and win you over with. One of which we agreed to, but then later it mysteriously disappeared and no-one in the company remembered such a we had to buy a more expensive one.

Work Setups

A few images of work setup over time. Newest first.


Big screens This is my favourite place to work with my team.

Secret Project


Last updated: 28 January 2019