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Playing all the Zelda 🗡️

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After playing Breath of the Wild on the Switch, I wondered what it would take to play through all the old Zelda titles. I’ve never played any of them before and so what better way to spend my limited free time than playing through a whole load of old games :) Turns out you can pretty much play every single game with just a 3DS and a Wii U. Taking advantage of the eShop titles as well as original content on those devices. I already own a 3DS so this looks promising.

Here’s the breakdown:

Wii U


Now the question is which one first?. There’s lots of debate online as to which to start with and what order to play them. Some say do them in release order others focus on the top ones, and others suggest switching up between 2D and 3D or old vs. new so as not to get burn out!

Ones that appear a lot in these lists are:

Given I don’t have a Wii U, then probably going to be A Link Between Worlds. Although there’s always emulation…

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