Alex Johnstone

All the keyboards (Part 0)

Keyboard series


This is going to be a long post. It’ll probably take me a long time to put together and I’m likely to come back to it as I remember/find other boards. Originally I was going to do one huge post of all my keyboards over the past 10 years but that just means it’ll never happen, and this draft has been sat around since September/October time already. Instead, I’m going to write one post per keyboard. It’ll still take me forever, and probably never quite finish but at least it’s something!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Ever since I wrote Part 1 of my Clueboard (and then never wrote anymore). What’s also interesting is that I now don’t own a single mechanical keyboard. I sold them all. I now use a Goldtouch GTP-0055-UK. I like the lightweight touch of the scissor switch keys, it’s very similar to ThinkPad keyboards, and old MacBooks.


It’s been an interesting and fun journey. I did some soldering, nothing too complex (except the tiny RGB LEDs which I destroyed), but was fun to build electronic projects again. My favourite past time of endless researching was very well satisified with endless new builds and designs. There is nothing better than another excuse for a spreadsheet of options (and prices…). The community around mechanical keyboards is another enjoyable aspect.

The problem is…I don’t like mechanical keyboards…That’s not 100% true, there are a couple I liked but I do prefer the scissor switch keys. 🙇‍♂️

This series will focus on each keyboard, mostly in order, but probably more in the order in which I find photos of them.