Another camera šŸ™„

Another camera šŸ™„
Featuring the 90mm Tele-Elmarit

I've been using my M2 for about 18 months and really enjoy the rangefinder style for film photography. I like the M lenses, they have more character than anything else I've used and they're so small. I really wanted to get to use them more as film isn't always ideal or I can't always be bothered with it. I have got an adapter so I can use it on my Fujifilm X-E4. They work fine and I have taken a really nice portrait of our daugther with it and the Voigtlander 35mm Nokton.

X-E4 with the Nokton

However, focus peaking and zooming to use it is not a great experience. It works fine for portraits when people are still, or f/8+ but at that point why not use the fuji lenses anyway. The only one I might use more is the 90mm as that then gives me about 135mm in APS-C and I don't have anything that long that can do f/2.8. It's also tiny which is nice.

Pretty much all year I've been looking at digital M cameras. Generally the M10 or variants. I would occasionally look at M240s or M9 or other models but really wanted the M10 for the more modern features and the size. Everything prior to the M10 was a bit fat and I felt that I wanted something closer to the size of the film Ms. I also don't like the red dot on the M10 and M10-RšŸ”“, I think it ruins the look of the camera, and so I had my eye on the M10-P range which has the classic script logo on the top. They are more expensive and generally not that many up for sale at any one time.

Spot the difference!

There was one for sale at a camera store and it had been listed a long time. I'd do my periodic checks and still see it there. This past weekend I saw they'd dropped the price by Ā£200. This was now by far the cheapest M10-P I'd seen since I started recording the price in Janaury 2022. They listed it as "Good" condition and I think that plus being silver was why it was hanging around for over two months.

We were at the zoo and I emailed them with a cheeky lower offer but they weren't budging. So I bought it. Perhaps in a fit of impulse or insanity or tired of the endless research and debating and just went for it. Delivery was quite slow but I think the courier was super busy and ran out of time the first day it was meant to be delivered.

Vintage vs. Modern

Even though I've been using a film M for a while, this is a very different experience. Combining the manual M with digital makes it very unique. The whole thing is so simple. There's about 2 menu screens and hardly any options. I thought Fuji's menus were quite straight forward in the world of digital cameras but they're massive and complex in comparison. I guess there's no video or autofocus so that cuts out quite a lot of settings, and the JPEG engine has very few settings. This is a camera you shoot RAW and then process.

It does have live view and that works nicely. You turn the focus on the lens and it zooms in and does peaking. I think it works well, much nicer than the Fuji.

I've yet to really take any proper photos with it. Mostly just about the house in the evening taking selfies in the mirror. It's going to take some getting used to. I've got in quite a nice groove with my X-E4, with the 35mm f/1.4 pretty much being on it 100% of the time, and I've got about four colour profiles I like using and can quickly switch between anything. Going back to editing photos in Lightroom isn't entirely appealing but does give more options and probably if I spent a little while learning some things I could process images quite quickly.

I still have a little pocket of doubt in my mind, and will be thinking about the days left on the return window. I love the M2 but partially as it's film and I think they go really well together. I thought digital would take all the fun and join in the convenience. I'm not sure yet, but hopefully after a weekend of shooting I'll know one way or another. I've waited nearly a year to get one, and I think after all this time I've built it up in my head to be the perfect camera (there isn't such a thing) that it's hard when I don't instantly love it.

And this is before I start thinking about film and the joy it brings. šŸŽžļø